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WebRTC conference expo Paris 2014

2015 Nov. 25th

The Largest Global WebRTC Conference and Exhibition in Europe. Bringing together service providers, systems integrators, enterprises, vendors and industry thought leaders for 3 days of training, case-studies, demos and panels. Welcome to our booth, we will show our newest MCU collabartion system.

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Announce SKY-MCU Series Product

Oct. 24th

Meetingreat announced the first integrated video conference (MCU) system of mobile devices (iOS/Android) and legacy SIP devices.

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Codec-plus Collaboration System

Sep. 8th

In a meeting room, we usually use H.239 to do the presentaion. Because of huge bandwidth requirement of H.239, we provide a low bandwith, highly interactive desktop presentation system.

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Our Services

Using cutting technology to develope real-time communication system for enterprice.

Clear Design

Simple and intuitive design, helping enterprise integrated all video devices.


Cutting edge HTML5 technology. Mobile devices in a video conference.


Compatible with different desktop platform, including Windows, Mac and Linux. Mobile phone, tablet and computer.

Great customization

Seamlessly with enterprise systems, improve the efficiency of video conferencing.

About Us

Meetingreat Team


Cloud Video Meeting, Now !

Meetingreat committed to the design, development and sales of a complete video conferencing solutions. From 2002, we haveddelivered to customers video conference products. Reason for our success is that we have established a good partnership and communication with customers, we have built to provide high-quality services, the core values of professional R&D and innovation.

Meetingreat R&D team in Taiwan and San Jose, California, is a solid professional team with more a contribution to the success of our innovative video conferencing products. To hit the market demand. We keep investing in our R&D center, and continue to strengthen our leading products and solutions.

Our mission is simple and clear: "to make the communication more smoothly." We have provided our video conferencing system to the market for more than 12 years of experience, we can deliver to our partners with the best products and solutions.

Professional Team

We continue to bring partners and customers at an affordable cost with the latest video technology to improve the efficiency of communication network. Not just designed for video conferencing tool used by the general market, we also designed for video conferencing tools Control Manager network needs of large enterprises with strict. With our long-term business strategy and innovative R & D capability, Meetingreat has proven itself to be a video conferencing industry, the company's customer-oriented videoconferencing systems / solutions.

Our products have excellent value, performance, and most importantly, after sales support and service. Our product line includes CU video conferencing equipment, SKY SIP MCU series, cloud video systems, cloud desktop sharing systems and information-sharing systems. We also offer special customized solutions in the field of video conferencing.

Simple, Easy and Efficiency


The best video conference system


CVC cloud video conference server provides multi-room, multi-attendee, multi-point, cross platform video conference system, support more than 1000 meeting room. The best solution for larger enterprice.


Beside multi-room, multi-attendee, multi-point cross platform video conference. SKY-MCU also provide 200 points meetingroom and also 'SIP connect' feature for connecting to legacy SIP video conference end-points.


No matter smart phone, tablet, notebook computer or legacy SIP video conference device. SKY-GATE integrate all kinds of devices into one unique environment. Build a environment for unify communication in enterprise.


20x optical zoom lens, PTZ control, Full-HD resolution, USB interface. Excellent experience for high quality internet video confernce. USB camera, simply plug and just work.


10x optical zoom lens, PTZ control, Full-HD resolution, USB interface. Economic choice for high quality internet video conference. USB camera, simply plug and just work.


HD CU is a professional equipment for video conference meeting room, working with Meetingreat CVC/MCU server perfectly. High quality Full-HD video conference experience.

HD CU4000

HD CU4000 is a professional equipemnt for video conference meeting room, working with Meetingreat CVC/MCU server perfectly. High quality Full-HD video conference experience.

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