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H.323 Cloud Conference, start now!

Meetingreat was founded in 2012 and the R&D team is located in Taiwan and San Jose, California. Committed to designing, developing and marketing a complete H.323 video cloud conferencing solution. The reasons for our success are:

  • Established a good partnership and communication channel with customers
  • Adhere to providing high quality service
  • The core value of professional R&D and innovation

Meetingreat is a solid professional team that constantly innovates a variety of videoconferencing products and cuts the need for rapid market changes. We continue to invest in R&D centers and strive to strengthen our product solutions and pursue industry-leading R&D capabilities.

Our mission is simple and clear: "Make communication smoother." Leverage our years of experience in the videoconferencing market to provide our customers with the best products and solutions.

Professional network video communication team!

We insist on bringing partners and customers by latest video communication network technology to increase communication efficiency at an affordable cost. Beside the eight-party videoconferencing system designed for general market, we also offer hundreds of videoconferencing systems for large enterprises. Over the years, accumulated with a lots of H.323 Cloud Video System service customers , Meetingreat has proven itself to be a professional cloud videoconferencing system company.

Meetingreat fully products line addresses the need for video connectivity in any network environment. Our products line includes H.323 cloud video system, H.323 video system server, video conferencing terminal, desktop sharing system and touch screen sharing system server.

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